Welcome to Yoga For All: Embrace Inclusivity and Share the Joy of Yoga!

Hey there, fellow yoga enthusiasts! We’ve got something truly special for you! Get ready to embark on a journey of spreading love, compassion, and yoga to all bodies, shapes, and abilities with our Yoga For All course!

Your Chance to Make a Difference:

Imagine having the incredible opportunity to join our Yoga For All course this upcoming September 18th, where you’ll learn how to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Say goodbye to the traditional cookie-cutter approach because we’re here to teach you how to embrace diversity and cater to all the beautiful souls that show up to your class.

A Course Like No Other:

At Yoga For All, we believe in empowering teachers like you to make a real impact. Our online yoga certification course is designed to inspire and equip you with the knowledge and skills to adapt yoga poses for older, larger, and differently-abled students. Best of all, it’s self-paced, giving you the flexibility to learn and grow at your own rhythm, no matter how hectic life gets.

What Awaits You:

Prepare to be enlightened with self-paced online lecture videos, covering critical yoga topics. Through asana videos, we’ll show you how to modify yoga poses, making them accessible and enjoyable for every student. Plus, we’ll sprinkle in some reflection prompts, allowing you to take the wisdom you gain and turn it into real, heartfelt action. Our private Yoga For All Facebook group is like a warm, supportive family, where you can connect with other Yoga For All students and graduates. And guess what? Dianne herself will be there to lend her wisdom and answer your questions!

Empower Yourself:

Throughout the course, you’ll discover the magic of making your classes more inclusive for all bodies. Creating an environment of safety, agency, and consent will be second nature to you. Oh, and get ready for an abundance of modifications that’ll make yoga accessible for everyone, from the sun salutations to that blissful savasana. Not to forget, we’ll unveil the secrets of using yoga props to elevate the practice for larger-bodied and differently-abled students.

Certification and Beyond:

When you complete the course, you’ll become a certified Yoga For All teacher, proudly sharing your newfound knowledge with the world. Display the “Yoga For All Certified Teacher” name and badge on your website, bio, and marketing materials, and let everyone know about the heart and soul you pour into your teaching. This certification is your golden ticket to a world where love, inclusivity, and yoga unite.

An Offer to Brighten Your Day:

Ready for some more sweetness? Just for today, you can enjoy a delightful $100 off the course fee. And as if that’s not enough, we’re gifting you access to our Dynamic & Creative Sequencing course with Dianne Bondy! This bonus course is overflowing with over 7 hours of video instruction, 11 downloadable workbooks, and interactive lessons that’ll spark your creativity and help you plan classes that leave your students glowing.

Join Our Compassionate Community:

Are you feeling the warmth and excitement? Come join us and be part of this incredible journey of unity and love through yoga. Enroll now in the Yoga For All course, and let’s light up the world with inclusivity, one breath at a time.

Psst... This offer is available today only!

The Dynamic & Creative Sequencing course, originally priced at $197,
is our special gift to you, completely free of charge!

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