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Key Strategies For Yoga Teachers

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Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes
  • Social Justice & Yoga: How to incorporate social justice topics into your yoga teaching and action into your everyday life
  • Alleviate Wrist & Hand Pain: Learn techniques to work with wrist pain, adapt poses to build strength, and personalize your yoga
  • Take Space / Make Space for Larger Bodies: Help your students feel more space for their breath in poses with this 2-step process for customizing almost any pose

Moving forward, my teaching will be more inclusive and accessible for those yogis who don’t fit in the ‘traditional’ yogi mold. It’s very exciting to be able to think outside the box and teach classes and workshops that inspire and enable vs. just focusing on the fitness side of yoga.

Jodi Lebrun

Jodi Lebrun

I have been spending the afternoon reworking a class from my teacher training notes to teach King Pigeon. This morning I was at yoga and told my teacher (who taught my YTT) “hey, today I’m making a plan to teach King Pigeon in chair yoga!” She didn’t believe me until I ran her through it in under a minute of explanation. “No, see, it’s not about what the pose looks like, it’s which muscles you’re activating! You can totally activate all the right muscles in a chair!” (If you can’t tell, I’m having lots of fun!)

Reidy Brown

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