Colin Hall: understanding modern yoga’s evolution through the lens of colonialism, yoga teachers as “rockstars”, religion & yoga and much more…

Today we talk about the history of yoga with Professor Colin Hall. He is a professor at the University of Regina in Department in Kinesiology, Religion, and Sociology. We discuss:

  • Understanding the evolution of modern yoga through the lens of colonialism
  • How yoga gurus have adapted into modern yoga teachers
  • Integration of all religions and belief systems in the practice of yoga
  • Why there’s no such thing as “authentic” yoga
  • Navigating cultural appropriation

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About Colin: Colin Hall co-director of Bodhi Tree Yoga. and Bodhi Tree Yoga College. Colin began yoga in 1999 and after completely immersing himself in the practice he was accepted into the Yoga Studio of Calgary’s teacher training program in 2001 where he was fortunate to find one of his most influential teachers David McAmmond. With a background in religious studies, Colin found the historical and philosophical aspects of yoga fascinating and slowly began to integrate the many facets of yoga. Colin began teaching part way through his teacher training program and after graduation quickly became a full time yoga teacher. Colin taught at a number of Calgary yoga studios as well as throughout the city for health clubs, corporations, sports organizations, and community associations.

He continued to push his practice with teachers Dattatreya and Norman Sjoman. In 2003 Colin travelled to Pune, India with Sarah to further his study of yoga with Dr. Nivedita Pingle in the Sun Jeevan style of yoga therapy. Since that time Colin has taken two groups of Regina yogis to India for further training(in 2007 and 2009). In 2010 he completed his Masters in Religious Studies his thesis entitled Masters and Servants: Gurus and Teachers in Hatha Yoga Traditions. Colin has continued to study yoga with senior Iyengar teacher Manouso Manos, David McAmmond, Dr. Pingle, and a number of other teachers. Colin continues to contribute to yoga both through teaching and writing, his articles can be found in publications such as The Elephant Journal. When Colin is not teaching at the Bodhi tree you can find him at The University of Regina teaching for both the departments of Kinesiology and Religious Studies. Learn more here

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