Yoga for All Mini-Course, Step Through

_A4A8025 copyWe are so glad you’re still with us for this Yoga For All Mini-course. We are so excited for the upcoming session of our groundbreaking teacher training, Yoga For All: Creating Body Positive Yoga Classes for All Shapes, Sizes & Abilities, and so are all of you, based on the comments, feedback, and social buzz!

In the last two videos, we sent you some great free training on plough pose, chaturanga, and upward-facing dog and how to use props to make these poses more accessible for a wide range of bodies and abilities. Today’s training video is below, buut we’re a little excited about the full course, and wanted to share some kind words…

Thank you both so much for this training. I think I said it before, but in the past two or so months since marketing myself as a body positive teacher, putting myself (pictures) out there on social media, and writing about body positivity on my blog, I have gained six new clients and have other potential clients “stalking” my facebook page. Not only has it helped me find my niche as a yoga teacher, but it has done so much for my self esteem. And, it is catching! I even inspired a 50-year-old client, who has struggled with body image issues, to wear a bikini to the beach! It blessed my heart like you would not even believe. You two are very inspiring and I am so grateful to have stumbled across you and Yoga for All. I am so stoked to offer a Yoga for All class late this summer or early Fall!

We want you to inspire your students, find new clients, and become a more successful yoga teacher. We are confident that this course will make you a better and more successful yoga teacher. You’ll have more skills in your teaching toolbox to inspire your students, help the ones that need it the most, and reach a whole new market of students. We guarantee that you don’t want to miss this course.

We want to share more than 50 years combined experience on the yoga mat to show you how to make your classes accessible and inclusive. When you enroll in the Yoga For All teacher training (enrollment opens September 14!), you will:

Become a body positive teacher
This 5-week Yoga For All online teacher training will help you become a more inclusive, body positive yoga teacher and make a big impact on your students. You’ll learn the skills and strategies needed in helping your students break free from limiting thoughts and attitudes toward their bodies and body image.

Hone your language and communication skills
Develop a whole new perspective on the power of language as you learn to guide and cue students through truly inclusive and progressive yoga classes that see no yogi left behind.

Learn accessible, body-positive sequencing
Discover methods of sequencing and designing classes that support and challenge students of all shapes, sizes and abilities, while expanding your knowledge of unique modifications and adjustments that accommodate and support your students.

Expand your market and find new students
By the end of this teacher training, you’ll gain the skills, confidence and expertise required in sharing the gift of yoga with an whole new market of students who are eager to experience the benefits of this practice.

Shift consciousness and spread love
These students, and many others, are overwhelmed by a culture that fails to celebrate diversity or offer a safe and sacred place for compassionate self-exploration. Start using your yoga as a tool for shifting consciousness and share the message that everybody is beautiful, capable and deserving of a healthy, happy life.

Today’s free training is all about the step-through. Many students have trouble with stepping forward from downward-facing dog into a lunge, getting the hands to the floor to step back to a lunge, and in general, getting from the front to the back of the mat, and back again! In this video, Dianne will show you some transitions, modifications, and tips to hone your language skills and guide your students through these transitions.

We hope you’ve been finding value in this mini-course, a sneak peek into our Yoga For All teacher training course. Registration opens for the course on September 14, and will be available for a very limited time. The course starts on September 28. We hope you’ll be able to join the new wave of Yoga For All teachers that are transforming the face of yoga.

We’ll be in touch in a few days with a bonus yoga download for you, so watch for that email!

With love & gratitude,

Amber & Dianne

P.S. We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know if you’ve been finding this mini-course valuable. What is your biggest takeaway? What questions or concerns do you have about the Yoga For All course? Will you be joining us when enrollment opens September 14?