Q & A

FAQ April 2016



Q1 I’m a little confused by the difference between “modules” and “lessons”…Will there be 5 modules total with 3 lessons in each? Is it expected that all the lessons in the module are done in a week (if you want to be done in 5-weeks). I know there have been lots of questions on this topic, but I can’t figure this one out. Thanks. Meghan Peters

Q2Is it okay to substitute a full breath in and out from pose to pose instead of the traditional breath in for one move and breath out for the next (and so on)?

I’m wondering if this might be one way to slow down a vinyasa and allow time to move through poses with adjustments, like down down to step forward. That said, I feel like there is a very strong tradition of breath work that aligns specifically to poses or series of poses.

Hope this makes sense! Thanks! Rachel Lowe

Q3 In the quiz, the question around consent mentioned “creating a brave space” Can you talk about how asking for consent inspires bravery?